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Freedog Walker anti-pull harness

A New Kind of Dog Training

Ergonomic anti-pull harness gives your dog full freedom of movement.

The Freedog Harness ensures full freedom of movement for your dog while reducing stress for the animal, instead of restraining it when trying to control it.
  • Calmer dog walking
  • No stress for the dog
Safety for both dog and human. The dog’s neck, back and shoulders must not be restrained. The harness must fit closely – not too loosely, but not too tightly either. Make sure you can get two or three fingers under each strap. The leash’s snap hook is attached under the chest instead of, as usual, on the back.

Research has proven that this reduces the dog’s stress level compared to when attaching the hook to the collar or on the neck part of the harness. This way, the harness does not cause any inconvenience to the dog.

Customers’ reactions are very positive: Some are simply satisfied while others feel that their dog is now much calmer and easier to control.

The harness works for 99% of all dogs: The dog stops, and you can get contact with it. Almost all dogs will be walking nicely, and you can stop large dogs in their attempt to jump forward.
This means comfort for the dog as well for the owner.

More and more customers also use the harness for small dogs. It has a great impact on dogs that usually pull, for example huskies and similar dog types.
The harness is made out of strong nylon, and all rings and the neck buckle are lined with alcantara. It is fashionable and has a pure style. The ring are stainless.

Freedog – Close to free walk

References: “My dog has changed completely. It is now a pleasure walking it.” – Lhasa apso owner (size XS)
“There is a major difference between attaching the leash to the collar and attaching it below the chest. This way, the dog is much more easily controlled.” – Poodle owner (size S)

“Amazing invention! Now I can walk my big, strong dog without hurting my arms.” – Mastiff owner (size XXL)
“It is very obvious how the pull on the leash diminishes when I use the harness.” – Husky owner (size L)

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